Video Production
After just leaving a local video shoot for one of our clients in the Medical industry here in Houston, Texas, I was reminded during the process of shooting this testimonial video that the “Real” for small businesses are the “Real Stories” that happen every day and are happening every day for your brands. The trick...
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Every business needs video no matter the type of business these days.  Why you may ask?  Well the answer is in the way we communicate.  Today almost every person from the age of 13 has a cell phone and they use that cell phone to do just about everything starting with looking for things on...
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It’s easy to create great marketing when you have great images and content.  We frequently get website projects and are asked to create a great looking website.  Remember you can only go so far with buying stock images.  Our recommendation is to set up a photoshoot and get every kind of image and video broll...
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About Us

We’ve been helping small businesses build, grow, and manager their marketing and branding since 2010. Think of NRG as the invisible marketing team grinding away for your brand every day.