Geaux Crates is a new niche moving and packing rental solutions company based in Houston, Texas.  NRG is building a complete branding and marketing campaign for Geaux Crates providing, deisgn, strategy, website, Advertising, SEO, and media services.  


Geaux Crates
ClientGeaux Crates and Storage LLC
SkillsBranding, Website, Media
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Inside the Brand

Digging into the brand for Geaux Crates we wanted to grab a piece of heritage from one of the owners who happens to be from Lafayette Louisiana.  Why use the Fleur de Lis?  We felt that this provided an instant tie to Louisiana roots and has a very unique recognizable look to it.  Understanding what Geaux Crates provides and translating those elements into all of the various branding outlets we knew immediately that this was a winner for Geaux Crates and their brand.

The Message

In our research phase for Geaux Crates there were several themes or selling points that we wanted to explore and figure out which was the most significant for Geaux Crates to attach to their brand and message.  The biggest benefit we found from similar competitors around the country that provide similar services is “convenience.”  Yes we could have gone with money and time savings angles but the most profound statements we found was how easy it was to pack when using these plastic reusable crates and dollies.