Real Stories mean the world to a business’ brand

After just leaving a local video shoot for one of our clients in the Medical industry here in Houston, Texas, I was reminded during the process of shooting this testimonial video that the “Real” for small businesses are the “Real Stories” that happen every day and are happening every day for your brands. The trick is to recognize them, and capture them on your “Reel” so you can capitalize on their untapped power. Video is not new anymore, however, the way we use Video certainly can be expanded on and used very effectively. What most of our customers don’t realize is when we go and do a video shoot for them, the amount of content that we can gather can be used on all sorts of other projects that they may not be aware of. For example; If we’re doing a product testimonial, we often will get all sorts of B-roll that can be used in Short Video Buzz videos for social media and ads. We have a nothing goes to waste mentality when it comes to growing brands. If you haven’t participated in a video production for your company I would highly recommend trying it. You will be amazed at what you will learn from the experience and can possibly be a part of a fantastic video for your brand or project.