Every business needs video no matter the type of business these days.  Why you may ask?  Well the answer is in the way we communicate.  Today almost every person from the age of 13 has a cell phone and they use that cell phone to do just about everything starting with looking for things on the internet, doing research, shopping, and communicating with their friends, family and customers.  Sure we still use print for certain things, but it’s a lot easier to watch a short video about something, or someone, or a product than to read about it from your phone.

We humans have a need for Fast Results when it comes to finding things.  We get impatient and we want it now.  Video fuels our obsession with now.

How many times have you gone to Youtube to watch a video about putting something together, or watching someone show us how to do work on a car or a motorcycle?  Video is here to stay for a while.  The question is How should you and your business incorporate video into your overall brand.

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