Marketing On-Demand

Small businesses today are moving at warp speed building relationships, getting meetings, managing operations, and well wear just about every hat.  That’s fine especially when you have a team behind you to help do all the little things in the background.  Social Media alone is a full time job for someone, the problem is you probably don’t have the right person creating the best content on a regular basis for you and your company.  Here is OUR list of the things a digital marketing company like NRG does on a daily basis to help our clients:

  • Meet and collaborate with sales team on news, products, and events.
  • Create and implement digital marketing campaign
  • Manage day to day Social Media campaign
  • Manage website performance and SEO
  • Create new content to incorporate into site and other platforms
  • Go out and gather photos, video broll, and testimonials
  • Create monthly reports for management

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